Welcome TO Crimson Pearl  Publishing

Once upon a time, in 2016, Donna Woods wanted to do something of great importance to her: Write a paranormal romance novel book. The book writing was impossible, sure, but the cost to publish was something else. “Why,” she thought, “should someone have to spend a lot of their hard-earned money and hire a vanity company just to publish a few copies of their own work?” Why indeed!!!


In 2017, Crimson Pearl Publishing was created to launch an affordable book publishing alternative.
Donna created a state-of-the-art publishing company for creating, printing, and publishing books. The CPP book publishing platform unleashes every drop of creativity inside you. This platform simplifies designing, publishing, publishing, promoting, and selling of professional-quality printed books, ebooks and audible book production. It offers you the expertise and flexibility to create and share your thought, opinion, insight and passion with the world. CPP has a burning desire for helping people bring their stories to life. CPP is highly passionate towards providing a remarkable experience for you to tell your stories, share your knowledge and fulfill your creative potential. CPP will help you to turn your ideas into professional-quality works of art.
CPP is highly determined to establish a more effective and profitable route to publishing. This is their core mission - to make content publishing an easier and more rewarding experience for people around the world.

Donna is now making the books she’d always dreamed of, but never thought she could make. Crimson Pearl Publishing is a big-picture idea made real. By offering services such as:

•    Editing
•    Publishing
•    Copy Writing 
•     Website design
•    Branding and logo design
•    Book covers, banners & art boards
•    Book formatting 
•    Social media strategy service
•    Social media template creation
•    Media kits
•    Social media management
•    Interior book design
•    Social media graphics production 


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