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HUNTRESS is a TV series based on the book series Huntress of the Succubi, by Donna Woods.


Succubus demons walk the Earth preying on the desires and fantasies of lonely hearts. Because they can shape themselves into any human female form, they appear to their victim as the perfect woman. Their goal is to seduce, steal the soul, then condemn the victim to hell, thereby allowing the succubus to remain on earth for many years.

Crimson DeHaven is a creole-born demon huntress. Her ability to sense the succubi presence is a talent handed down through her ancestry. She can see the hell hags real identity and she possesses the knowledge to send them back to hell for good.

Crimson doesn't love her appointment, because it interferes with her having a normal life.

Crimson is an Executive at XSAtlanta an upscale Event Hosting and Promotions Company and she enjoys the finer things in life. However, Crimson’s social life suffers because of her nighttime demon hunting job. She spends most of her down time with her best friends ALEX and MIMI, but neither know her secret.

But when the Atlanta demons bring a war to her front door, they'll soon learn why she's been appointed the Atlanta Huntress of the Succubi.