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Miama Abena Trotmon

Alex Marks

Alex Marks, Director of Photography- is a steadfast professional with the skills, equipment, and an outgoing charisma that has yielded him immense success in creative advertising and independent production.  He is currently completing his BA in Film Production at Clayton State University. His specialty is creating high production value with light and nimble crews--whether for a "doc style" branded content story, a social campaign or a shot film.  Alex is highly adept at maintaining a focus on story and crafting cinematic visuals, even in difficult situations. He takes pride in crafting strong imagery that is relevant and true to the style of the production. 

Stevyn Carmona

Stevyn Carmona, Producer/Fight Choreography Technician-has been acting and performing in Film and theatre since 2004. He is a competent Actor/Combatant with numerous fight credits. He is adept in choreographed fights scenes for stage and film and is recommended in staff, knife and hand to hand combat. Stevyn enjoyed his theater classes in High School and has been hooked ever since. He is a graduate from Frostburg State University with BS in Theatre. His dream to be in his own Action-Drama film one day.