Predestination (Huntress of the Succubi Book 3)

Predestination (Huntress of the Succubi Book 3)

Destinee Bienville the current New Orleans Succubi Huntress is heading home from Atlanta to what she knows is chaos. Her sister Ana, the Lafayette Huntress and their housekeeper Tally has just killed her ex-husband, multi-media mogul Derek DeHaven. Unknown to all, including Ana and their daughter Crimson, the Atlanta Huntress, Derek was a serial killer and a minion to the underworld. He had been a plant into their family for years to bring about its destruction.  The demons have never cared for the Bienville Huntresses, but Derek’s failure has mandated they take matters into their own hands.


Destinee has issue a challenge to the Incubus of the Southeast Territories, Lord Mylon. It is her responsibility to release her family from a curse placed upon them by the Incubus. To reach her destiny she’ll need to unlock the gifts from the prophecies of the seventh of seven. Now all she has to do is to convince the key to open the lock.



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